Soma India
Soma India

SOMA offers management services for development sector programmes and projects. We have worked with a wide spectrum of clients - governments, multilaterals, bilaterals, international NGOs, Private sector and NGOs.

Our management services cover all stages of programme management (like scenario definition, programme development, implementation, monitoring, control and evaluation). In project management also our services cover the entire project or part of a project according to client need.

SOMA was established in 1993 and is addressing issues related to HIV, Child protection, Local self governance & development, Tribal development, water & sanitation and environmental. We have provided services in 15 states of India.


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Are you a domain expert?

You could be a domain expert in your chosen field (e.g. health, environment etc.). If you are looking for an organisational platform to implement a project of your choice, SOMA could provide the supports needed through its Affiliate Programme.

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