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SOMA offers management services for social sector programmes & projects. Our clients include governments, multilateral agencies, bilateral agencies, international NGOs and corporate sector.

SOMA has carried out assignments in 15 states of India and in diverse technical domains - e.g. HIV/AIDS, Information Technology, Water supply. We combine our inhouse strengths in management with technical expertise of domain experts to provide hiqh quality services to our clients across a wide variety of technical domains.

Management of projects/ programmes from start to finish

SOMA offers services that nurture a project/ programme from concept stage to its successful conclusion. We have in house expertise in design, development, setting up teams, supporting teams, tracking progress and other key skills needed for project and programme management. We believe that design is destiny and our projects and programmes are carefully designed.

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Management of part of project/ programme

SOMA undertakes assignments to carry out part of project or programme.
Project formulation/ planning
Capacity building
Setting up Management Information System (MIS)

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Project Management Office for large or multiple projects

Project Management Office (PMO) is also called by a variety of names - Programme Office, Programme Management Office, Project Office and several other variations. Core role of all these is the same - to make projects effective and efficient. SOMA has processes for setting up and running PMOs for complex projects and multiple projects and programmes.

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Projects for Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of overall Corporate Governance and Management. Thus it is essentially an internal issue of corporate institutions. However, there are instances where, as part of CSR, institutions undertake projects for the development of defined communities. In such situations, SOMA offers a menu of options which provides smooth planning and
implementation of CSR projects.

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Capacity building

We partner with Development Foundation (DeFo) to offer capacity building services. Our capacity building services are primarily geared for knowledge and skills around programme and project management.

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Customised solutions

We customise according to client requirements. New challenges require new solutions. We work with you in developing solutions that meets your specific requirements.

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Quality of our service

SOMA provides results agreed in contracts through use of

  1. effective project/
    programme management
  2. information technology
    assisted approaches and
  3. the best available technical expertise